What we are looking for


We have great plans, and most of the time, we like to involve external entities in those. This is why we are in constant collaboration with members of the Hungarian and international folk dance com-munity. We have built up a large network of dance associations, where we can rely on each other’s experiences and expertise in certain areas.

We are also working on partnerships with corporate entities, where we share our knowledge through performances, teaching events, folk fashion-shows or dress-up events with colleagues on retreats or other corporate events. We believe there is a great potential in functioning corporate partnerships for us and our partners alike, and we are looking forward to engage more with the private sector.


All this cannot be done without adequate funding. Being a small organization, with volunteer mem-bers, most of the time we are struggling to get a room where we can practice, get new costumes made, or pay for a trip to a camp or a festival. We are looking for short and long term sponsorships from companies or individuals, who find our goals as important and exciting as we find them.

We hope this brief introduction has helped you learn a bit more about who we are and what we are doing.

If you are interested to engage in any communication or partnership with us, feel free to contact us.