Who we are

A Dance Group

Founded in 1992, members of the Angyalföldi Vadrózsa Ensemble have spent the last 20 years deepening their knowledge in Hungarian folk dance. This vivid group had the chance to perform on stages of dance festivals, concerts and TV shows in several countries in Europe, North America and Asia. Now counting more than a hundred members in all age groups; we learn, research, teach and perform Hungarian dances of the Carpathian Basin, as well as dances of minorities living together with our culture.

A Local Community

Our members formed a small governance board, which makes sure the dance groups have their tours and performances organized, proper operational budgets aligned, and can focus on the core activity; dance. Members of this governance board are professionals with a vast scale of expertise, helping the group on a voluntarily basis in their free time. The association is registered as a small NGO, and we keep constant contact with other groupings of the civil society close to, and far away from us.

Members of our groups (kids, adults and alumni) are members of a close-knit community. The power of dance and the excitement of exploring a common heritage were the drivers for the creation of the group, but after many years now we really form a strong local community in Budapest. Family days, camps and competitions make our life exciting, and we always try to involve as many members of the community in the 13th district of Budapest as possible. 










Hungary 1132 Budapest,

Visegrádi utca 6. IV/1.


Angyalföldi Gyermek és Ifjúsági Ház

1138 Budapest, Dagály u. 15/A.